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  • 05:05 Travel to Guinea

    Travel to Guinea

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  • 05:40 Guinea


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  • 05:57 Conakry (le centre des affaires)

    Conakry (le centre des affaires)

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  • 08:33 Histoire de la Guinee

    Histoire de la Guinee

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  • 06:21 Sierra Leone Tourism Video

    Sierra Leone Tourism Video

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    Sierra Leone Tourism

  • 05:17 The Beautiful Sierra Leone Beaches

    The Beautiful Sierra Leone Beaches

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    Series of videos from the National Tourist Board of Sierra Leone http://www.welcometosierraleone.sl available at http://www.brandsierraleone.tv

  • 04:02 Hotels In Sierra Leone

    Hotels In Sierra Leone

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    Some Hotels In Sierra Leone, nice beautiful ones

  • 07:04 Sierra Leone

    Sierra Leone

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    Tourism in Sierra Leone

  • 01:31 Travel Guide to Lagos

    Travel Guide to Lagos

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    Lagos, the largest city in Nigeria, has an estimated population of 8.8 million in the city and 10.7 million in the metropolitan area. It is estimated by the UN according to the current growth rate, that Lagos will be the third largest mega city by 2015 af

  • 09:18 Eko Atlantic City Project

    Eko Atlantic City Project

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    It is a metropolis rising from the Atlantic Ocean. The Eko Atlantic city project is the ambitious plan to build a vibrant 21st century city that will stretch over 7 kilometers and will be built on over 9 square kilometers of land reclaimed from the ocean.

  • 06:54 Lekki Free Trade Zone

    Lekki Free Trade Zone

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    This video covers the infrastructural development goals of the Lekki Free Trade Zone

  • 1:25:18 The Role of ECOWAS in Achieving the Economic Integration of West Africa

    The Role of ECOWAS in Achieving the Economic Integration of West Africa

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    Africa Program Dr. Chambas first presented a brief history of ECOWAS and then a more detailed perspective of the current regional situations and challenges that are being (or should be) addressed. He pointed out that the original vision of the Founding Fa