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  • 01:31 Travel Guide to Lagos

    Travel Guide to Lagos

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    Lagos, the largest city in Nigeria, has an estimated population of 8.8 million in the city and 10.7 million in the metropolitan area. It is estimated by the UN according to the current growth rate, that Lagos will be the third largest mega city by 2015 af

  • 07:04 Sierra Leone

    Sierra Leone

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    Tourism in Sierra Leone

  • 04:02 Hotels In Sierra Leone

    Hotels In Sierra Leone

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    Some Hotels In Sierra Leone, nice beautiful ones

  • 05:17 The Beautiful Sierra Leone Beaches

    The Beautiful Sierra Leone Beaches

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    Series of videos from the National Tourist Board of Sierra Leone http://www.welcometosierraleone.sl available at http://www.brandsierraleone.tv

  • 06:21 Sierra Leone Tourism Video

    Sierra Leone Tourism Video

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    Sierra Leone Tourism

  • 08:33 Histoire de la Guinee

    Histoire de la Guinee

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  • 05:57 Conakry (le centre des affaires)

    Conakry (le centre des affaires)

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  • 05:40 Guinea


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  • 05:05 Travel to Guinea

    Travel to Guinea

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  • 03:01 Abuja carnival

    Abuja carnival

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  • 03:24 Lagos is Beautiful

    Lagos is Beautiful

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    Photographs of Lagos, Africa's Model Mega City

  • 09:07 Lagos Africa's Big Apple

    Lagos Africa's Big Apple

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    Welcome to Lagos Africa's very own big apple, a vibrant mega-city whose pulse is felt as wide as its influence reaches, a discovery of opportunities at the heart of Africa.

  • 04:39 Nigeria: Tourist Attractions

    Nigeria: Tourist Attractions

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  • 01:23 The Kombo Beach Hotel - The Gambia

    The Kombo Beach Hotel - The Gambia

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    Kombo Beach Hotel in The Gambia



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    A relaxing hotel, somewhere to enjoy Gambian hospitality and non-stop Gambian sunshine. Set on Kololi beach and on the main strip for shopping and the vast array of retuarants. When leaving the hotel, on the right is a store which sells everything, check

  • 10:22 Senegambia Beach Hotel, Kololi, The Gambia

    Senegambia Beach Hotel, Kololi, The Gambia

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    Images of the Senegambia hotel, including the reception, art gallery, lobby, entrance, bar, one of the bedrooms, around the hotel grounds, the swimming pool, beach and the wildlife that lives in the hotel grounds.

  • 06:33 Destination Gambia

    Destination Gambia

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    An introduction to The Gambia, a West African country offering something for everyone, including beaches, eco-tourism sites, culinary delights, heritage travel (Roots/Alex Hayley trail), bird watching, river trips, marketplaces, and so much more.

  • 03:28 Liberia travel guide

    Liberia travel guide

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    Travel Liberia

  • 16:21 Monrovia revisited

    Monrovia revisited

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    Revisits Liberia

  • 1:26:34 Liberia - American Dream?

    Liberia - American Dream?

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  • 29:10 Faces Of Africa - Ellen SirLeaf: Mother of Liberia

    Faces Of Africa - Ellen SirLeaf: Mother of Liberia

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    Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is the first elected Woman President in Africa.