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Nigeria has made the right choice of a new leadership, has affirmed that true democracy exists in Nigeria,  and has set a shining example to the rest of Africa.

There is so much to be proud of, with regards to the Election. General Buhari/Professor Osinbajo's message of fairness, hope, freedom and opportunity resonates with all Nigerian people and also with friends of Nigeria. Nigeria faces many challenges, including Boko Haram and a tarnished global reputation, but, under the Buhari/Osinbajo leadership, Nigeria can address the security challenges, restore it's global reputation, and redefine the brand "Nigeria".

The hard work of redefining Brand "Nigeria" starts now. Many friends of Nigeria are wishing Nigeria luck for the future. The Diaspora Can help in the rebuilding of Nigeria and the Redefining of Brand Nigeria. Follow ECOWAS.TV to see Nigeria related stories  and how the Diaspora can help