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Liberian Economy Post Ebola

Ebola has truly devastated the Liberian Economy. Over 83.8 percent of people in Liberia on less than US$1.25 per day

The reality post Ebola in Liberia today, is that many people no longer live like normal human beings. For them, life has become hopeless and unbearable and they suffer  extreme poverty and hardship.

In Liberia today, life for many people is a story of hopelessness, joblessness, destitution, hunger and humiliation. Life in Liberia is no longer about human dignity or self-esteem. Liberia has become a nation with a miserable and frustrated population.

Many people in Liberia today do not have safe drinking water, electricity, decent housing, education, health care, sanitation, food security and social welfare,  Many people in Liberia today drink from creeks/open-wells and often go hungry.